Sam Sand Dunes Camp Jaisalmer

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SAM SAND DUNES CAMP JAISALMER, is the most popular excursion to see the total sandy bush less Great Indian Thar desert. It has a truly glorious stretch of sweeping Great sand dunes. It is best Location to be here at sunrise or sunset Point, and many camel safari and thar Desert Jeep Safari and spend a Magical night at the dunes. The best way to see this and other sights around Jaisalmer is to take a Jeep safari. 

Hordes of tourist arrive just before sun set. Camels can be hired easily and you may be able your favourite picture with a camel on a desert track and the setting sun in the backdrop. Despite the tourist throng the place has not lost it magic. 

Sam Sand Dunes
Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer
Sam Sand Dunes Camp Jaisalmer Our Luxury Swiss Tent

Luxurious Swiss Tent

Thar Desert Jeep Safari in Great Indian Thar Desert at Jaisalmer

Jeep Safari

Rajasthani Cultural Folk Dance Program at Our Sam Sand Dunes Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer

Rajasthani Folk Dance

Our Camp Luxurious Swiss Tent and Room for Accommodation

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